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Let Us Automate Your Business


E-Commerce Automation


There is 3 different avenues we can take when it comes to

E-Commerce Automation for our clients.


 1) Reseller/Advertiser

2) Start  Your Own Brand

3) Marketplace Automation

(Amazon, Walmart, Facebook)

Database Reactivation
Lead Management Software


E-Connect is a online lead management platform that allows you to automate:


  • Organization of your Leads 

  • Workflow Automation

  • Booking Mettings/ Scheduling Calls 

  • Customized Follow Up Campaigns

  • Phone Connect, VM Drop, SMS, Email, and Facebook Messenger

Brand Growth


Need to Boost Your Social Media? 


  • Follower Giveaway Campaigns


  • Engagement Campaigns


  • Account Verifications


  • Publication Articles  

E-Mail Marketing


Our "Done for You" model includes all included, or you can choose what you like al a cart


  • List- Building Funnel

  •  Customized  Campaigns 

  •  Abandon Cart Campaigns

  • Upsell Campaigns 

  • Follow Up Campaigns 

Fully Automated Customer Service


All of your Customer Service Needs Will be Automated


  • Inbound Call Center 

  • Outbound Sales  


  • Email Support

  • Live Chat Support

  • Virtual Assistant 

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