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About Us

E-Commerce Affiliates is a dynamic end-to-end service provider in the online world. With relationships, clients, strategic partners, vested interest, and specialized knowledge in all verticals, we're able to provide a wide variety of services ranging from front-end brand build out; to back-end customer service support. Our purpose is to automate all of your systems and processes so that everything from the discovery of your product/service, to the customer's first experience is flawless.​


Our Story

With the world we are currently living in; changing from brick and mortar businesses to click and order websites is imminent.

Not only for retail stores, but even mom-and-pop service based businesses. It was obvious to us that an all-in-one service providing platform was going to be necessary. Now, understand that we weren’t always “Ecomm Guys”. Even though the two of us come from completely different professional backgrounds, we have always talked about coming together and working on a project that would change the way business is done.

Rob has an extensive background in sales, marketing, and customer service. Ranging from telecom sales to becoming the Director of Sales for a $300+ million per year logistics and supply chain brokerage. 

Steve is a Military Veteran who served in the U.S Air Force while simultaneously completing his Undergraduate Degree and immediately pursuing his MBA in Finance and Marketing. 

In 2019 a world of opportunity opened in the digital space and E-Commerce Affiliates was born. Our journey began with our first client, an L.A based brand house which is still a loyal client to this day. Since then, our growth and industry impact has not stopped. Our Team at E-commerce Affiliates have onboarded, trained, and managed over 500 customer service agents.  We have established strategic relationships to provide our clients with the most reliable and trustworthy personnel and softwares available. We pride ourselves on the ability to 1. Generate leads 2. Automate lead nurturing and follow up  and 3. Providing post purchase support to keep customers coming back time and time again. 

Meet The Team

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